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Guided Practice -- Jamie Jones

Guided Practice

When an icy woman….
Recently promoted, Lara Rumson is determined to make her mark as the new middle school vice-principal. Although she appears aloof and frosty, her buttoned-down suits hide a long-simmering pain. Her heart may be frozen, but her body can’t help melting when she meets her handsome new subordinate.

Meets a hot man…
Former football player Kelvin Young comes from a privileged background, but his real calling is teaching. He needs to play it cool, but his sexy new boss is setting off sparks in his brawny body.

Things get steamy…
A relationship between them might be forbidden, but steamy Louisiana nights are made for extracurricular activity. Kelvin’s irresistible allure ignites a new heat in Lara. But when Kelvin becomes the target of racist parents, and with her boss working against her, Lara must decide if she’ll defend her man or let her dark past destroy any hope for a bright future.

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